Tom Fletcher’s Wedding Speech



Tom Fletcher’s Wedding Speech

You guys have to watch this!  It made me cry, seriously.  This guy is pretty cool.


Gerald Cleveland: My American Lolo

My American Lolo

My American Lolo

I never knew neither of my grandfathers.  It’s a privilege to know Gerald Cleveland, my American lolo (grandfather), 90 years old, Pearl Harbor survivor and one of the many American soldiers who helped liberate the Philippines in World War II.  It’s always a pleasure seeing him in church every time!!!  Read his account of the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 here.

B’s Heidi and Finn Swing Coat

I bought a pattern for a coat from Heidi and Finn.  I can’t seem to find the actual link to the pattern now but the link provided is for the actual coat in Etsy.  I meant to make this coat for Z [click here to see Z’s swing coat] but the fabric that I used was too thin and so it ended up being pretty big on her.  Also given the fact that Z is less than a year old, the smallest size in the pattern is for 12 months/2t.  I had no problem with this at all since I did want it to be bigger in size because I don’t like the idea of investing time in making clothing for mis filimbianas and them just wearing it once.  In the process of making the coat, I knew already that it would be big on Z and so I wondered if it would fit B since she’s in the slim and petite size.  It was a sweet surprise to see that it ended up being a three-quarter sleeve light coat for B!!!  I love it on her!


The ruffle skirt went pretty well with it too!!!  Here‘s the link to the sew along tutorial that I made for the ruffle skirt.  🙂


It was nice to have had the nice weather and have B get some fresh air after being sick over the weekend.  Better yet, she got a super cute outfit to wear and get that fresh air!