So yes, I’m thirty today.  I don’t feel any different.  Ten years ago, I thought I would be fat by age, thirty.  That’s right.  While most women are dying to be skinny, I want to gain weight.  After two pregnancies and almost seven years of marriage, I still fit in clothes that I wore back in high school.  The one thing I can’t complain about being skinny is that it motivated me to pick up sewing.  I’ve actually made my very first dress, I guess a happy-birthday-to-me dress.

I’ve always just sewn for mis filimbianas here and it’s nice to have actually made something for myself.  I got a pattern from the Selfish Seamstress who is actually very generous to share her patterns online!  The pattern for this Coffee Date Dress is for a sleeveless dress so I added in my own sleeves and also the lining inside.  I just can’t stand to see fraying in the dress so why not just hide them under a lining, right?  And for the modest me, I lengthened the length of the dress altogether.  I would much rather sit her and go on about the stuff I did to the dress but Z is whining for me and the rest of the house needs to be tidied up before B gets home from school for her to mess it all up again!