1.  B’s blue dress (done Nov 2 — pictures to be posted)– I had every intention to make this dress but it kept getting pushed back. This absolutely needs to gone finished before Sunday.

2.  Z’s boots (done) — I thought I’d be able to get this done very quickly but as always, I became too confident that I knew what to do (even though it’s been weeks since I made my first pair) that I had to waste very valuable material and start all over. I’m hoping this pair would be good for Z for the winter.

3.  B’s Disguise the Turkey project (done Nov 3 — will post pictures soon) gotta sew something that would resemble a tutu to disguise this turkey into a ballerina/fairy (as per B’s request) so that it would be spared for Thanksgiving.

4.  B’s ruffled skirt — this will be something I haven’t made before. I have left over fabric from the Coffee Date Dress that I made and I’m planning to use the leftover fabric.

5.  Another dress for me.

It would be interesting to find out when this list will be completed.  At least, one out of five is done.  If I did not have all the other interruptions throughout the day (like cooking, cleaning, feeding and bathing the girls, helping B with her homework — LOL) I would probably have everything crossed out in a day or two.